The Royal Dockyard - Other Buildings


House Carpenter's Shop 1740


Sail and Colour Loft 1723

The only surviving building of its kind, the sail loft building was designed as a canvas store and as a place for making sails.  Because of the large size of sails, the upper two floors with their more open spaces were used for sail making.  It was also used for making flags. 

Office Used by Charles Dickens' Father

Officers' Terrace

    Until the 1600s, very few employees lived within dockyards, when a handful of scattered houses were built for a few top people.  At Plymouth however, a specially designed new dockyard, an officers' terrace of housing was included in the plans.  Chatham followed from 1723 to 33 with this impressive row of twelve houses with garden space behind each one.  Unlike the Commissioner's House, the Officers' Terrace was not in the way of dockyard activity.

Section House

    The Section House was built for the Fire Watchers and Guards of the Dockyard.  It has since been used as office space for a number of organizations.

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