Gates and Towers

Main Gate

     The early dockyard was protected by a hedge and dogs, but in the early 1700s the dockyard was encircled by a brick wall with gates to keep the public out and also to keep the employees from stealing government property.  This entrance dates to 1719 and includes George III's coat of arms.  A number of buildings were constructed near the gate in the early 1700s, including the ropery.  Immediately through the gate is a church built in the early 1800s for dockyard employees.   


This gate on the southern end of the dockyard was for embarking and disembarking crews, and Admiral Nelson likely passed through here.  There is a small quay behind the building, essentially a recess in the river side wall for loading and unloading.  The building, shown here under renovation and now occupied by a business, was for the marine guards. 


This guard tower is on the old wall.  The dockyard was expanded, putting the tower within the boundaries of the facility.


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