Fredericksburg - Jackson's Flank

December 13, 1862


Prospect Hill

     Jackson's corps protected Lee's right flank and defended a ridgeline about a mile from the river.  Much of the ridge was wooded, but Prospect Hill on the far right near Hamilton's Crossing was cleared.  Jackson deployed fourteen guns here.

From Prospect Hill

     This is the view from Prospect Hill looking on the left down the axis of the Confederate line.  On the right is the Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad which parallels the ridge then passes through Fredericksburg.  Some of Jackson's infantry was positioned along the railroad.  At 9 A.M. on the morning of December 13th, after an intense bombardment of the ridge, 60,000 men of the Union left wing under Franklin advanced on Jackson's corps of 34,000 men.  A gun of rebel horse artillery under Maj. Pelham moved to enfilade the advancing Yankees and delayed them until they were forced back.  Since Franklin was concerned about his flanks, much of his force was not committed to battle.  The Pyramid shown in the picture marks the left flank of the Meade's division as it advanced on the ridge.  The Union troops had to endure fire from Jackson's artillery from Prospect Hill and from Bernard's Cabins further north.     


     This is a closeup view of the Pyramid.  It was built after the war to remind railroad passengers that they were entering the battlefield.

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