Cemetery Hill - Part 2


Near the 41st NY and 33rd Mass.

    Menchey's Springs is in front of Wainwright Avenue; it is marked by stone walls extending right from Wainwright Avenue astride a small lane.  The 54th NY's right flank was on this lane as was the left of 41st NY.  The left of 33rd Mass was near where picture was taken.  The 33rd's line bent with the terrain and extended along Stevens Knoll.  Despite some dead ground to its front, part of the 41st NY held, in no small part due to flanking fire from the 33rd Mass and artillery on Stevens Knoll.  As the fight was ending at dark, Carroll's brigade came through the cemetery visible on the left to reinforce the position along the road, then called Brickyard Lane.  Modern Wainwright Avenue roughly follows the same track.

Menchey Springs

    Here we can look down the lane to Menchey Springs, the dividing line between the 41st NY on the right, which held, and 54th NY to its left which fled along with the 68th NY, and beyond it the 153rd Pa, which as we will next see, had a poor field of fire.  Although the springs served as a source of water for Union troops, during my visit after a hard rain, it served to make the whole area below it quite marshy.

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