Emmitsburg Road - Part 2

South of Codori

    Weir's battery and the 19th Maine had been moved forward from Cemetery Ridge and were deployed in the field behind the fence on the left, on the opposite side of the road, just south of the Codori farm, visible on the far left.  The battery was close to the small trees visible to the left of the Troste Farm, and the regiment stretching to the fenced lane you can see to the left of the Emmitsburg Road.)  Humphreys' division was deployed further down along Emmitsburg Road, on this side, with its right flank near the fenced lane.  After the Peach Orchard breakthrough, it had been pressured on its left near the Klingle farm.  As the Confederate attack progressed, Perry's brigade overlapped its right, forcing it back to Cemetery Ridge, the fugitives fleeing over the 19th Maine, which then rose to fire on the advancing rebels.  Barksdale and Wilcox continued the advance to the Plum Run thicket in front of Cemetery Ridge, followed by Wright's Georgia brigade.  Perry attacked the 19th Maine and Weir's battery, closing to around 30 yards and exchanging volleys.  Seeing that both flanks were vulnerable, the 19th Maine fell back.  Some of Weir's guns were captured.  

North of Codori

    Two other Union regiments, the 82nd NY and 15th Mass had also been sent forward and were along the Emmitsburg Road to the north of the Codori farm, which in this 180 degree picture is in the area of the far right.  Wright's brigade forced them from the field and continued toward Cemetery Ridge.  To his left, Wright expected the support of Carnot Posey's brigade. 

From Near the Bliss Farm

    The 1st Delaware and one company of the 12th NJ defended the Bliss farm in the mid afternoon.  The commander wasted ammunition, and the skirmishers fell back.  Hancock placed the commander under arrest and ordered four companies of the 12th NJ forward.  The Yankees captured the farm along with 99 Confederates, but more importantly, Confederate plans were stymied.

    When the time came for Posey's brigade to advance, it only managed to reach the Bliss Farm.  Posey, being delayed by the Union skirmishers, didn't even reach the Emmitsburg Road.  The next division in line to advance remained in place when its commander, Gen. Pender, was mortally wounded.  The Confederate plan for an en echelon attack had broken down.  Wright's brigade would have no troops protecting its left, and the northern part of Cemetery Ridge, which was relatively weakly held, was not attacked.  


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