1890 Diorama

    A lot happened since the 1547 diorama which cannot be shown here.  Ordnance Office functions increased and a number of buildings were constructed.  The Grand Storehouse was built north of the White Tower in 1688, but it burned down in the 1840s and was replaced by Wellington Barracks, in which the Queen's biggest and shiniest rocks are now displayed.  The New Armouries building was built in 1663, and it can be seen in the southeastern corner of the inner walls.  The eighteenth century Hospital Block, formerly an Ordnance building, is just north of the New Armouries, beyond which is the Fusiliers' Museum, an old officers' mess.   In the early 1800s, the Duke of Wellington had the moat filled in for health reasons.   The Tower was for many years a tourist destination, and visits increased during the 1800s.  So a number of 18th century buildings including the Horse Armouries and a large Ordnance office, both south of the White Tower, as well as buildings along the wharf, were all destroyed in order to restore the Tower to a medieval appearance. 

    Wellington Barracks are barely visible behind the White Tower on the left of the picture.  To its right are the Fusiliers' Museum, the Hospital Block, and the New Armouries.  In the area south of the White Tower, Ordnance buildings had been constructed but demolished by 1890.  The roof of a building which has since been demolished is visible in the lower left.


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