South Walls

The area between the southern inner and outer walls is land reclaimed from the river.  It was occupied by the mint which had a number of buildings here.

Ordnance buildings cluttered the wharf area on the left of the picture.  The New Armouries can be seen within the Tower confines.

    The tower on the outer wall in the center of the picture is Cradle Tower.  It was used in the 1300s as a water entrance for the king to enter his accommodations in and about Lanthorn Tower visible here to the left of Cradle Tower.  The top of the tower was removed in the 18th century after a fire. 

The roof of the New Armouries is visible on the left.  Salt Tower is on the southeast corner of inner wall, and Well Tower on the outer wall is on the right.

    Looking west along outer wall from near Traitors Gate.  The southeast tourist entrance is visible below the Tudor architecture.  Bell Tower in the center of the picture is the southeastern corner of the inner walls and is capped by a white structure holding a curfew bell.

Traitors' Gate

    Above the gate was royal accommodation in St. Thomas's Tower.  The area later held a horse powered pump used to pump water to the White Tower.  It was modified to bore cannon and was converted to steam power in the early 1700s.  Wakefield Tower just off the picture to the left on the inner walls held the Records Office until the 1850s, then the crown jewels until recently.

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