Northern Area and Grand Parade


P) Redoubt 1

    Since the Schuylkill was to the rear of the camp, Washington had Gen. Sullivan construct a bridge at Fatland Ford to open up a line of retreat and also to allow supplies to come in from the area to the north.  To protect against a British crossing, Redoubt 1 was constructed here on the ridge overlooking the river, and Varnum's brigade was encamped nearby.  This earthwork is a reconstruction, and since there was little trace left of the fort, its shape is based on its appearance on a map.  Portions of the road down to the ford can still be seen.  It is a continuation of the historic trace road through the park.

    In September of 1777, after the Battle of the Clouds and Paoli, Washington defended Philadelphia from behind the Schuylkill.  Howe feinted toward the fords to the west but crossed at Fatland Ford and easily captured Philadelphia.   

Q) Looking South Near Huntington's HQ

Obscured by trees is Huntington's headquarters, now a nature center.  The National Memorial Arch is in the distance on the opposite ridge where the outer defenses protected the camp.  The Grand Parade where Steuben trained the army is the area between the ridges.  Mount Joy, site of the inner defensive line, is prominent on the right.

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