Washington's Headquarters

A) Headquarters Area

    The earthen mound on the left is a railroad embankment with a station designed to fit in with the surrounding buildings.  In the days of train travel, passengers would disembark here and tour the Isaac Potts house, Washington's headquarters.  Here Washington lived and worked, dealing with numerous problems, including other theaters of war, discipline, supply, and keeping his job.

    The Schuylkill River is beyond the embankment, and Valley Creek, which flows into it, is visible on the right.  A grist mill and saw mill were just upstream, and further were the lower and upper sites of the Valley Forge, one of many iron making facilities in the region.  Obscured by the trees and outbuilding is the David Potts house.

    At the foot of the hillside behind the headquarters (not visible) were the huts of Washington's guards.  On the opposite side of Valley Creek is thought to have been the location of McIntosh's North Carolina brigade.  The North Carolinians were used to warmer weather and built their huts like they would have back home, completely above ground, and they suffered as a result. 

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