Eastern Outer Defenses


B) Redoubt 2

    Construction of huts was top priority, but earthworks were begun near the huts soon thereafter in order to strengthen the position.  Time and farming have destroyed most of the originals, and reconstructions are shown here.  Redoubt 2 was on the far left of the encampment, and it is prominent on the left of the picture.  Beyond the right side of the parking lot in the center of the picture are additional works, and the reconstructed huts of Muhlenberg's brigade are on the right of the picture.

    Incidentally, the house obscured by trees to the right of the stone monument is the farm of General Zook, who was killed in the Wheatfield at Gettysburg.  Civil War buffs may also be interested to know that the home of balloon pioneer Thaddeus Lowe is about a mile west of the park.

C) Redoubt with Redan to Its Left 

    These are some of the above mentioned works beyond the parking lot.  The redoubt on the right had a redan on each side, the left one shown here with a cannon, and a line of works extended along the entire ridge.

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