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Quebec  January 1, 1776  

Charleston  June 28, 1776  

Ticonderoga and Mount Independence  July 2-6, 1777  NEW!

Hubbardton  July 7, 1777  NEW!

Bennington  August 16, 1777

Cooch's Bridge  September 3, 1777   

Brandywine  September 11, 1777 

Battle of the Clouds  September 16, 1777       

The Paoli "Massacre"   September 21, 1777  

Forts Clinton and Montgomery   October 6, 1777 

Saratoga  September 19 to October 7, 1777  

Whitemarsh  December 4 - 8, 1777 

Valley Forge Winter Quarters 1777-78   

Barren Hill   May 20, 1778

Monmouth  June 28, 1778    

Charleston May 12, 1780    

Camden  August 16, 1780     

King's Mountain  October 7, 1780   

Cowpens  January 17, 1781    

Guilford Courthouse  March 15, 1781   

Ninety Six  May 22 to June 18, 1781  

Yorktown  August 20 to October 17, 1781   



Three Pounder "Grasshopper"

Ferguson Rifle and 18th Century Military Innovation 

Gunboat Philadelphia   


British Infrastructure    from John's Military History Tour of Britain, which includes much more!

Tower of London

Woolwich Arsenal

Chelsea Royal Hospital

Greenwich Royal Hospital

Portsmouth Dockyard and Priddy's Hard 

Chatham Dockyard



Miscellaneous, Colonial, and Political



Philadelphia Sites - Independence Hall and Other Buildings 

York, Pennsylvania - Temporary National Capital 

Phillips Grave, Petersburg, Virginia  

Maryland Statehouse, Annapolis 



Abercrombie's Sortie - Yorktown  From "The Guns of Independence" by Jerome Greene   

Atrocities in the South  Yahoo Group postings by Patrick J. O'Kelley, author of Nothing But Blood and Slaughter. 

The British Military in New York City, 1776   Best in the World? 

A Brief History of Freedom  Why is America Free? 

Touring Brandywine: A Tale of Frustration and Preservation Failure          

Editorial: Why is the Revolutionary War Not Popular?


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